Up Close With the Latest Outdoor Furniture from Tidelli Outdoor Living [HD Expo 360]

Up Close With the Latest Outdoor Furniture from Tidelli Outdoor Living [HD Expo 360]

05/16/2019 By Christoph Trappe

Settle in and enjoy a 360-degree view of Tidelli Outdoor Living’s booth while I interview Commercial Director Tatiana Mandelli at HD Expo 2019. The booth features the latest in outdoor furniture in a variety of colors, along with new rope colors.

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Christoph Trappe: Hello, everyone. Christoph Trappe, chief content officer at interiors+sources. Still reporting from HD Expo in Las Vegas. And now I’m joined by Tatiana Mandelli. And Tatiana is with – what’s the name of your company again?

Tatiana Mandelli: Tidelli Outdoor Living. We are a Brazilian company and it’s the fourth time that we are here in Las Vegas for this show. And we are very strong in Brazil. Our company has 30 years in Brazil and 5 years that we are here in the United States. So, everything is made in Brazil. Everything is alumninum. And we brought to the United States this idea about the rope. So, our products are very colorful and it’s very important for the designers because they can make a product with the same color as the project or as the brand.

Christoph: So, obviously, as you were watching this video, make sure you look around the screen. You can see the different areas of the booth. Very colorful. Of course, if you’re watching it on YouTube, use your virtual reality headset. You can enjoy the different colors.

So, talk about the colors again. What inspires them? How did you come up with the…

Tatiana: The colors are my special issue because we product our own rope. So, we have to dabble up our own colors. So, it’s a very important part of the brand because we have to release the same colors as the fashion is. And our research is very important because if you see what happens in Milan last month, it’s the same trend colors that we are releasing. So, I think we make a very good research about colors and everything.

Christoph: What other trends are we seeing in outdoor trends, outdoor design in the hospitality industry?

Tatiana: I think besides the colors and the product, it’s very important for the hospitality is the tabletops. So, we get a lot of tabletops made by marble, what is very cheap in Brazil. So, we release also a lot of tabletops, small tables, big tables in marble. It’s a very affordable – good price and it’s very good for hotels because it’s heavy, so the people cannot move so easily, the tables. It’s much better for the industry.

Christoph: Great. Tatiana, thanks for joining us. Good luck with the show this year and safe travels home, right? Thanks for joining us.