Kimball Hospitality Inspires the Future with the Past [HD Expo 360]

05/16/2019 By Christoph Trappe

Let Kathy Sigler, President at Kimball Hospitality, take you on a tour of Kimball Hospitality's HD Expo 2019 booth. The booth was built around exploration and inspiration, pulling from the successes of the past to inform the future.

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Christoph Trappe: Hello, everyone. It’s Christoph Trappe again, chief content officer at interiors+sources. Keep in mind, this is a virtual reality video, so go around the screen. If you don’t want to look at us, you can zoom around to the other side. If you’re wearing your virtual reality headset, you can certainly watch that way as well.

I’m joined by Kathy Sigler. She’s the president here at Kimball Hospitality. Thanks for joining us.

Kathy Sigler: You’re so welcome. I’m happy to have you in our booth.

Christoph: So, of course, we stopped by the booth here at HD Expo. Beautiful booth, Kathy. Kinda walk us through the thinking behind it, the focus.

Kathy: Right. Well, we wanted to bring out a booth this year that was so inspiring, it is a place for our customers and our designers to come, to be inspired, to think and to just explore. And this is about going back in time into an era of the ‘20s and what was to be that we haven’t been a part of that we could recreate.

And so, we wanted to present the booth in such a manner that we could bring time forward and we could inspire those to think forward with beautiful décor that once drove the society, where they would find places that they would mingle and revive and recharge. And it was really a club for them. Hotels were a club. And we wanted to build that experience here this year at HD.

Christoph: And, of course, if you’re zooming to the right here, panning to the right, my right at least, you can see a bedroom, another area on the left here. So, let’s take a walk.

Kathy: Let’s do. Let’s walk through. We’d like to invite you into the doors of our wardrobe, into our secret garden as we walk through the beautiful velvet curtains and step back in time into an era that is long ago, but not forgotten.

And you can see that we’re walking into—when we talk about mingling, this is a nice mingle area. We have beautifully gold-plated bar stools, gorgeous upholstery and a bar with the lighting that just creates the ambiance of friendship and fun.

And so, if you step to the left, you come into a very social gathering area. And it’s just a nice social sofa that we can sit and talk. And they’re inviting chairs so that we have friends that can just collaborate and relax and recharge together.

Christoph: Great. Well, thank you for the quick overview. I was joined by Kathy at Kimball Hospitality. I’m Christoph Trappe, chief content officer here, still reporting from HD Expo. Thanks for watching.