New Product Overview: Slip-Resistant StepWise Technology Gives Tile Versatility

04/23/2019 By Valerie Dennis Craven

Tiles provide a variety of benefits, yet have some drawbacks, such as becoming slippery when wet or being prone to chips and scuffs. Patent-pending StepWise by Mohawk is a slip-resistant technology that can be applied to ceramic tiles.

On display at Coverings 2019 with partners who use the technology, it’s easy to see the benefits of slip-resistant StepWise in a variety of commercial applications. It provides a number of benefits:

Easy to Clean: Typically, tile suitable for outside use would have an additive on top that gives the tile a lot of grit. The problem with that, notes Mickey Trammel, sales manager at American Olean, is that it’s very hard to clean, giving the example that it can tear mops.

StepWise technology, however, keeps the tile very smooth, making it easier to clean, and only requires mild cleanser and water.

Slip Resistant: By adding StepWise to tile, it makes the floor more slip resistant than anything else available. When it’s dry, you can’t tell the difference between tiles that feature the technology and those that don’t. When wet, as demonstrated by Ray Pina, sales manager at American Olean, the resistance to slipping was obvious.

Variety of Applications: Tile can withstand outdoor environments, and can be incorporated seamlessly from the indoors outside. Tile with StepWise features a dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF), or the traction of the tile, of above the .6 value needed for outdoor use.

Sustainability: The Race for Healthy and Sustainable Materials

Built-In Technology: Since StepWise is infused into the tile as opposed to being a topical additive that could wear out, it will last the lifetime of the product.

With the versatility and safety of tile infused with the StepWise technology, it provides what Pina describes as “real-world applications” for inside and out of your facility.

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