Work Smarter – Simple Hardware Accessories to Optimize your Efficiency


Work Smarter – Simple Hardware Accessories to Optimize your Efficiency


Hardware plays a crucial role in how we work. Consider the smallest details to really transform your space. Your work desk is only as functional as the tools you use to make it work.

Cable Management:
The first step in revitalizing your work space is assessing your needs for connectivity. Consider the best Cable Management solutions for your application and run your cabling neatly behind a desk, under a desk, up a table leg, or across the floor. Whatever the case, the idea is simple – keep your pesky cables cleanly tucked away and out of sight! A clean work desk free from clutter will inspire greater productivity. Mockett has a variety of wire management options from wiremolds and cable raceways that are sold by the foot and cut to length to wire spines that run cabling from the floor to the underside of the desk. They also have loops and straps and other widgets that fit into any space for even the most complicated wire management applications.

Power and Data Grommets:
Now that we have our Wire Management under control, the next step is to consider connectivity on the desktop. Where do those wires need to go? For phones and monitor cables, a simple Grommet will do. Grommets come in a number of stylish options in all sizes from basic plastic liners to fine metal finishes and some include brush liners. For added power, data, and USB connections, Power Grommets offer the added convenience of putting power within reach without having to rummage under the desk. Power Grommets come in a variety of styles too, some that mount into the desk, some that clamp onto the edge of the desk, some that pop up or flip up when needed and others that have a lid that you can open and close to access on demand. Power Grommets are great for all types of furniture, not just personal work desks – they are great for conference room tables for shared user access and in public commercial settings for community charging stations, or you can even enjoy them at home or in your hotel room in night stands and other furniture. They are easily configurable with any combination of power and data as needed for your custom work desk, or add audio/video hookups for larger rooms with greater demands.

The Finishing Touches:
Cleaning up your cabling and optimizing your work desk for efficiency is important to improve work flow, but you also want to think about your health and comfort. With a greater focus on ergonomics, you can boost your performance levels even higher. Adjustable monitor arms for optimal viewing settings and adjustable keyboard trays that provide comfortable wrist support can make a world of difference in preventing slouching and strain on both your eyes and your wrists. Sit stand desks with electric legs that move up and down can mix up your work day and keep your blood flowing. It’s fun! Stand up, move around, get focused.

You take pride in your work and pride in your space. With all your basic work needs covered, now you can move on to the other finishing touches that will add beauty to your environment. Mockett offers a wonderful line of drawer pulls, furniture legs, and shelf brackets that can be used to take your furniture to the next level. Simple adjustments like changing out the drawer pulls on your cabinetry can go a long way in revitalizing your furniture. Breathe new life into your design with some simple upgrades that make a huge impact.