Allsteel and Normann Copenhagen Expand Partnership to Bring New Solutions to Contract Market

12/17/2018 By Rachel Kats

Designers are seeking ways to bring residential sensibilities and warmth into the workplace.  However, the buying process, sales support and access to these types of products can be difficult and time consuming.

The full Normann Copenhagen portfolio also includes lighting and accessories

To give dealers and customers the convenience of working with one provider to solve their full range of needs, Allsteel Inc., a leading workplace furnishings manufacturer, has expanded their partnership with innovative European furniture and accessories brand, Normann Copenhagen.

Growth & Collaboration

“The demand created from our successful launch of the initial offering in June 2017 led us to expand the partnership this year.  The expanded offering now includes the full Normann Copenhagen portfolio, including lighting and accessories—all available via direct import through the Allsteel dealer network,” explains Jason Heredia, vice president of product design and development for Allsteel.  In addition, select popular products are also stocked domestically as part of the Allsteel portfolio.

Known for its bold, contemporary Danish-design concepts, the Normann Copenhagen brand encompasses a wide and continuously growing collection that represents a softer and more playful approach to professional environments, says Poul Madsen, owner of Normann Copenhagen.

“Our products can add an element of sensibility to a streamlined space. We have this saying, ‘It’s nice to be home,’ which reflects itself in our approach to design, also in the contract market segment,” he says.

Seeking Well-Being

As more and more people spend time working and traveling, they’re looking for a sense of well-being and vitality in all spaces, whether at work, home or in a public environment.  “We want you to feel your best and be inspired by your surroundings. We believe this will not only improve your quality of life, but also foster creativity,” Madsen says.

Each design within the wide collection has its own story and are typically characterized by a friendly appearance and modern feel. Made of high-quality, durable materials, the products are designed to last. They also have an extra twist that makes you take notice—it could be a well-thought-out detail, a multifunction or an unexpected combination of materials.

Classics will continue to be offered, such as the Form chair, My Chair and the Block and Tablo tables. The expanded collection includes the Sum Modular sofa and the popular Hyg series, introduced in Spring 2018, it features a sofa and chairs with a concave form that invites for contemplation.

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“The enveloping design of the range can add a sense of security and privacy to a hectic environment, making it eminently suitable for work places or lobbies,” Madsen says “We also just presented a number of new designs at the Orgatec fair in Cologne. Among them, the new Pad lounge series, combining molded shells in oak veneer with a soft padded front and a metal frame. I like how well balanced the design is, and how it manages to capture both the comfortable and the streamlined.”

Residential Products

Clients today are mixing and matching product types, much like we might do in our home.  The partnership allows Allsteel to offer solutions that are needed for high work performance, such as task seating and workstations while also providing areas that might have a more relaxed or residential feel through the Normann Copenhagen offerings.

Allsteel and Normann Copenhagen collaborate on bold furniture

“The two brands together can be mixed and matched to create exciting new applications and settings for our clients,” Heredia says.

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