Wallpaper & Color of the Year 2019 Celebrates Eastern Art


Just in time for the new year, Graham & Brown has announced Tori as its Wallpaper of the Year 2019.

Wallpaper of the Year

Tori translates to bird in Japanese and is a celebration of the artistry and skill of Eastern art. The wallpaper incorporates an exquisite Chinoiserie bird trail with spring blossoms, delicately hand-painted in Graham & Brown’s UK-based studio. In Eastern art, birds are an important and popular form of imagery and are often used to symbolize longevity, luck and love.

The wallpaper features a deep regal teal on a deluxe fibrous textured Oriental paper with a subtle glistening shimmer of silk.

Also, Color of the Year

The teal color is actually Graham & Brown’s Color the Year 2019: Tiru. Taken from the backdrop of the Tori wallpaper, Tiru was inspired by the Graham & Brown 2019 Kabuki trend – Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama, which showcases a bold, avant-garde color palette. Tiru’s serene teal celebrates tranquility, good luck and longevity.


“We have identified Kabuki as a key design influence for 2019 and the Wallpaper and Color of the Year 2019,” says Paula Taylor, color and trend specialist for Graham & Brown. “With a rich ancient history, entwining spiritual meanings and diverse mix of inspired imagery, Kabuki inspired this glamourous paper and color that transform traditional art into a modern style statement.”

Tiru will be available in the U.S. in spring 2019. To coincide with the Wallpaper of the Year and Color of the Year collections, Graham & Brown is also launching five new luxuriant metallic paint colors to complement the ranges. The metallic colors include shades like blush, gold and rose gold, all of which follow the latest trends seen at BDNY.

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