Be Curios: Meet the Green Box


End users are more aware now than ever before of the environmental and social impact their choices have. In response, companies are rapidly reassessing the materials and processes behind their signature products, realizing that “going-green” doesn’t have to equate to sacrificing a good aesthetic. This goes doubly so for the commercial interior design industry where eco-conscious manufacturers have been at the fore of material innovation for the last few decades.

The Green Box, merging green design and beauty

Sustainable design no longer simply means recycling the old to make new again; instead, companies are looking at the entire lifecycle of a product and looking into all the ways in which they impact the environment and local community from start to finish. From planting trees and reducing water consumption all the way to removing old fishing nets from the ocean, brands are finding unique ways in which to extend their carbon handprint rather than their carbon footprint.

Celebrating Green Design

Because sustainability and green design are becoming a key way in which companies can share their stories, i+s designated the latest installment of Curios to all things sustainable. Unveil the latest collections from the manufacturers you love, and get ready to be inspired to add a little more green to your routine.