Showing Off Sound Absorption Materials & Soundproof Foam

Showing Off Sound Absorption Materials & Soundproof Foam

06/11/2018 By Michael Leonard

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NeoCon VOD Interview: The Difficulty of Acoustics with Maars CEO Menno de Vries

In the midst of convention chaos, Maars Living Walls CEO Menno de Vries stands in a room lined with special absorption materials that reduces outside sound. He claps, he speaks, he explains the unique difficulties of showing and explaining acoustic design:

"The people can't really experience sound, because sound is so difficult to experience... You can touch materials but sound is so difficult to judge. The best way to experience it is just to experience it live."

Proving the point, de Vries demonstrates the importance of smart sound design by guiding the interviewer from this special chamber into another room that is stripped of any protective materials. Sound floods in from the convention floor. The difference is deafening.

Photo by Molly Klimas 

Update: Maars Living Walls had an excellent NeoCon experience, having received a prestigious Best of NeoCon® Silver Award for its groundbreaking AXES product, steel-finish doors that pivot on axis points to become an acoustic wall system.