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ESports Arena: Designing for Digital

Gaming Collides with Interior Design

05/02/2018 By Kadie Yale

The ESports Arena in the Luxor Hotel & Casino isn’t what most seasoned Las Vegas visitors may expect from the Strip, but it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest spots since its recent opening last month. Boasting two bars, a balcony, spectator box, and lit-up computer consoles galore, the real focal point is the three massive LED screens from which gaming enthusiasts can watch a myriad of video game events.

eSports: A New Design Landscape 

While the “sports” being watched may be unfamiliar to most, the arrangement is recognizable; an acoustic-panel wall (made of Owens 703 hexagonal panels by Jeff Hall Designs) buffers sound behind the raised stage across from retractable stadium seating and spotlights swivel overhead. However, the focus of the spotlights—desks on which computer towers and monitors sit complete with luxury office chairs—gives the space an almost out-of-place feeling.

Here, those capable of leveling characters and amassing kills in shooting games reign supreme.

Comfy Chairs: Ferrari's Luxury Seating

Unique Branding Strategies

Another fascinating aspect of the ESports Arena is the use of branding. The dimly lit arena is fitted with LED lights in red and blue. The Instagram-worthy hype tunnel is similarly colored, although the LEDs here can be changed to whatever hue is needed and are able to be strobed.

With an influx of video game locales and tech-heavy spaces, if places like the ESports Arena are unusual to the general population now, it won’t remain that way for long. We can expect to see more interiors which incorporate popular tech and hobbies, even those like video games which have a long history in the confines of living rooms and dens. In the same ways that residential life is becoming incorporated into commercial interiors, the previously private life of video games is being introduced into the public arena and is already making waves.

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