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Downtown Vibes in the Workplace

Downtown Vibes in the Workplace

03/21/2018 By Kadie Yale

When Charlotte Center City Partners (CCCP) approached Little Diversified Architectural Consulting to design its new 8,000-square-foot downtown Charlotte, N.C., location, there was one goal in mind: the office should feel like the city’s living room. Concerned with the vision and growth of Charlotte, the CCCP’s board understood that to convince CEOs and business planners to invest in Charlotte, they would need to feel comfortable and welcomed. This effort began with the CCCP’s office itself.

Despite being located on the 16th floor, Little Diversified wanted to make visitors feel as if they had stepped off the elevator onto 16th Street. Invoking the feeling of a vibrant pedestrian walkway, the space “serves as a catalyst for community growth with a story to tell that’s as unique as the people and place it promotes,” according to the firm.

Arriving at the office, guests are greeted by the “shop window,” a display of artifacts from the city and CCCP. Nearby, an abstracted “thumbprint” has been hand-painted by local artists, displaying the vision of the city.

Designed like a coffee house, Southern hospitality takes center stage with degrees of openness, translating Charlotte’s downtown into a warm office space.

The slatted wood ceiling creates zones within the office.

Metal reeds separate the workspace from the “public path” of the working areas.

Take a moment to enjoy even more of the city's living room.

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