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WhisperShade DC Electric Drive Unit

12/01/2017 By Kadie Yale

WhisperShade DC Electric Drive Unit WhisperShade DC Electric Drive Unit

Although it may only occur for a minute a few times a day, the “whirr” sound of an electronic window covering can be distracting, particularly in silent offices or libraries. To address the need in the market for both an ultra-quiet window shade and an electronic, preset covering, MechoSystems introduces the WhisperShade DC. Mounted on a sound-absorbing bracket, the Electronic Drive Unit (EDU) works as well as the standard MechoShade product while maintaining its reign as the quietest motor on the market. For more information on what makes this revolutionary product top-of-the-line, read on to find out how it all breaks down.  

  • <38 dBA - tested motor operation
  • 24VDC, 1.5 amps - power requirements, meaning faster
  • installations for less money
  • 10 year warranty, the industry’s longest
  • non-depreciating guarantee
  • 16 preset shade stopping positions (facilitates precise shade placement during shade automation operations)
  • 2 types of control: wireless or hard-wired
  • 10–25 r.p.m. variable speed motor 
  • 2017 - WhisperShade DC won the Innovation Award, Best of NeoCon, in the Window Treatments category