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Design-savvy options for any budget

10/02/2017 By Kadie Yale

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In January 2017, Vermont-based Hubbardton Forge introduced two new lighting lines to its parent company: Synchronicity and Vermont Modern. Experienced in fine, handcrafted lighting, the addition of Synchronicity gives clients a glamourous combination of steel, hand-blown artisanal glass, and Swarovski crystals. Vermont Modern, on the other hand, diverges to provide elegant, yet contemporary and sustainable options. No matter what the price point or aesthetic, Hubbardton Forge has lighting to match. 

Vermont Modern

Bloom and Full Bloom Pendants     

Created from a single steel tube by laser cutting the pattern, then heating and expanding the end into a petal, the Bloom and Full Bloom pendants can be hung individually or in a grouping, creating a wildflower garden. The pendants are available in six finish options.

$  $600 each


Circular LED Pendant    

Also offered in six finish options—satin red, satin aqua, satin white, gold, silver, and black—the Anemone Circular LED Pendant feeds light through the four suspension cables to the LED bristles below, casting a soft light.

$$$   $2,875

Hubbardton Forge 

Zephyr LED Pendant    

Combining artisan-forged steel and a ribbon-like LED that undulate together mid-air between two adjustable cables, the Zephyr Pendant is a sculptural statement piece. It is available in eight finish options.

$$$  $2,975

winter low voltage mini pendants    

Playing off the image of soft snowflakes and brisk weather, the Winter Low Voltage Mini Pendant is available as a small flurry or a full blizzard. Made from cut-and-folded metal in one of eight finishes, including soft gold and vintage platinum, these pendants are track mountable.

$ $575 each


courbé duet led pendant   

Synchronicity introduces the Courbé Duet LED Pendant, which premieres the new Swarovski Strass Wave Cut Crystal. Each carefully crafted steel tendril grasps one of six exclusive Swarovski crystals and contains an LED that reflects and refracts light in a vibrant sparkle. Courbé Duet is available in eight finishes.

$$$$$  $6,200

solitude large led pendant   

A variety of angular crystals pierce through a thin metal plate, creating distinctive light patterns through glittering stone. A unique blend of soft lighting, lux crystals, and a dynamic and eye-catching shape creates an alluring pendant.

$$$$   $5,500

 Photography courtesy of Hubbardton Forge

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