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The Kruze Collection

By Boss Design

10/02/2017 By Jenna Lippin

The Kruze Collection The Kruze Collection The Kruze Collection The Kruze Collection

First launched in the U.K. in 2006, the Kruze Collection by Boss Design has found widespread global success, but has been particularly popular for workplace applications. With the continued softeningof the workplace aesthetic with more relaxed collaboration space and a greater level of comfort, Kruze is no longerconfined to meeting rooms and executivespaces. Together with the collection’s low-back lounge chairs, complementary tables, and bar stools, this series will bring fresh inspiration to any design project. What truly differentiates Kruze is the successful fusion of classic and contemporary, and the combination of gently sculpted contours and generous proportions that deliver outstanding seated comfort. 

While a classic British design, all Kruze offerings are manufactured in High Point, N.C., to meet U.S. demand. Read on to find out how it all breaks down. 

bossdesign.com | Photography courtesy of Boss Design

2 chair options: high-back and low-back lounge 

1​ bar stool

3 seat options: fully upholstered, oak outer shell, and walnut outer shell

frame options: four-leg chair, four-star base, sled base, four-leg wooden frame, and painted sled frame

complementary tables: coffee, meeting, and bar height 

1 coordinating foot stool 

26 percent recycled content   

86 percent recyclable at end of life