New Releases


New Releases

1. Aplomb Large is a suspension lamp by Foscarini that offers a new collection shape in concrete form. The wide, flattened top resembles the galactic silhouette of a UFO. An LED light source casts a wide beam of illumination onto the surface underneath. The fixture is available in white, gray, and brown.

2. Lavish by the Mitchell Collection is a faux leather fabric with a polyurethane surface on a nylon microfiber backing. Available in 28 colors, it has a soft hand and breaks on the surface when stretched. Strong and durable, Lavish is free of polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, heavy metals, and other compounds of concern.

3. Watercolor’s focus on brush-strokes channels the waterfall paintings of Pat Steir. Available from Innovations in Wallcoverings, the 52-inch Watercolor explores the vertical movement of water and paint. Eight colors inspired by spring are digitally rendered into each large-scale piece.

4. Dipped in a wash of pearly Opaline color, the glass Teardrop Table Lamp glows from within. The flattened bottom allows it to sit comfortably on surfaces. Each piece is blown by hand at the Tracy Glover Studio. The fixture is 14-inches tall and comes with a 60W candelabra socket compatible with LEDs.

5. Wolf-Gordon + Mae Engelgeer is a collection of interior surfacing products comprised of four upholstery textiles, a drapery textile, and two digital print wall-coverings. Engelgeer’s graphic elements and diverse explorations of texture evoke Dutch Modernism. The palette includes a range of elegant neutrals and muted hues, many incorporating accents of metallic threads.

6. An embossed pattern of tiny diamonds gives Plex a faceted appearance. The nylon microfiber matrix construction from Designtex helps protect users from chemicals of concern, such as PVC and antimicrobials. Plex complies with guidelines of major organizations, including Healthier Hospitals and the Living Building Challenge Red List.

7. Chuck Wall Lamps are inspired by the rock-and-roll legend Chuck Berry. Offered by DelightFULL, this adaptable wall light sets a vibrant mood that is unique and full of movement. The sconce enables you to set your own vibe—twist it around and enjoy the beautiful effect created by its gold-plated grid. The reflector bulb provides a charming, warm light.

8. Aura by Aura Frames automatically displays the best pictures from your phone. With an app that controls which images appear, the Smart Selection feature updates the frame with new photos as the user takes them. There is no need to regularly check the app—the best pictures automatically appear.

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