Node with Share Surface

By Steelcase

01/27/2017 By Kadie Yale

Node with Share Surface

Created to move quickly and be flexible in any environment, the Node chair by Steelcase has fit perfectly into spaces from offices to classrooms. Now with the new edition—ShareSurface—Node slips on its physician’s coat as a doctor’s best tool, transforming easily and intuitively while allowing better face-to-face time with patients. This is how it all breaks down.


percent of the materials used to make Node are recyclable


hours spent on engineering and design, and…


hours of observational research that led to the design of the chair


institutions that were part of the observational research


degrees of rotation on the ShareSurface for technology and information sharing between the patient and doctor


tools needed to put the chair together


Node with ShareSurface eliminates the need for work surfaces, stools, keyboard trays, and monitor arms.


inches making up the radius at the base, the same size as a MacBook Pro.


different uses for the arms of the chair: easy in and out, allowing for conversational posture, leaning, and made to hold a bag

Photography courtesy of Steelcase

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