Interior design expert Thom Filicia delivers designs that define the world in which we live by blending the natural environment with the comfort of home in his collection of commercial wallcoverings.

01/03/2017 By Jenna Lippin



As a leader in wallcoverings for the commercial space, MDC consistently brings fresh, unique offerings to the market. One of its most recent “mashups” was unveiled last year via a collaboration with Thom Filicia, founder and principal of Thom Filicia, Inc. With the first 13 residentially inspired designs proving to be a hit with designers, MDC and Filicia conceptualized three additional offerings for the Thom Filicia for MDC collection—Madagascar, Mooring, and Toggle—launched last fall.

In discussing what inspired Filicia’s designs for MDC, he explained that he leans toward a home-like feel that is modernized yet still inviting in the traditional sense. “The goal is to make this collection blur [the line] between residential and commercial,” he said. “To make you feel like you are in an environment that is more personalized—more like you would in a residential setting.”

Filicia added that there is a level of sophistication added to his MDC designs that help them stand out in the crowd. He looks to the world around us for elements to integrate into his patterns and visuals. “The layering effect with textures and colors creates a dimension that is earthy and textural,” he noted. “A lot of the collection is pulled from nature.”

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