2016 i+s Wish List


2016 i+s Wish List

Bronx Crank Desk by Vintage Industrial

In spite of the overwhelming evidence about the health risks associated with prolonged seating, I haven’t yet made the investment in a sit-to-stand desk because I haven’t found one I really like—until now, that is. This Bronx Crank Desk appeals to my sensibilities for all things industrial, vintage, and repurposed, and the aesthetic couldn’t be more masculine. In short, this desk rocks!

Vintage Industrial | $15,795

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack

Speaking of rock-n-roll, since having moved to a townhome this year, I don’t have the luxury of playing my drums due to noise restrictions. When I discovered that my go-to cymbal manufacturer released a product that reduces noise by 80% without losing the feel of traditional cymbals, I did a little happy dance—and so will my family and neighbors!

Zildjian | $299.95

The Slate by iskn

Call me old fashioned, but there are some things in life that technology simply can’t improve upon, such as turning the pages of a hard copy book or the feel of pencil on paper. I may have to eat my words, however, if I ever get my hands on iskn’s Slate—a revolutionary drawing pad that combines “the irreplaceable experience of drawing on paper with the limitless possibilities of digital.” The best part? You can use your own pencils or pens. Genius.

iskn | $160

Outdoor Survival Crate by ManCrates

Since my stepson joined the Cub Scouts last year and I volunteered as an assistant den leader, the organization’s motto, “Be prepared,” has taken on new meaning in our household. That’s why this crate chockful of utilitarian items like a multi-tool, pickaxe, shovel, compass, cook set, paracord and—who could forget?—beef jerky, would be perfect for our next camping trip. Plus, it earns valuable points toward my Man Card.

Man Crates | $109.99

Happy Socks Set by Urban Outfitters

One of the many ways in which my wife has enhanced my life is by exposing me to the joy of a fun pair of socks. I’m a conservative dresser by nature, so the one place I feel comfortable getting a little crazy with my fashion sense is in my choice of hosiery. This Happy Socks set would be the perfect addition to my collection of Star Wars, Simpsons, and other bold prints that hide discreetly beneath my pant legs.

Urban Outfitters | $425

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