2016 i+s Wish LIst


2016 i+s Wish LIst

Vespa Primavera 150 Settantesimo, 117mpg, 59mph

So this year, I’ve been in a traveling frame of mind and what better way to scoot about town but on a zippy Vespa? I imagine myself tooling around the Italian countryside, coming to a stop sign alongside a Harley Davidson, turning to the rider and saying, ”Ciao” a la Eddie Izzard!

Vespa | $5,299

Aqua Stormproof Medium Backpack 80 by miggo  

A backpack made for the adventurous photographer. No longer any need to worry about nasty weather damaging your equipment. This backpack protects against the elements while allowing easy access to your gear with plenty of room for personal items. 

miggo | $159.99

Parrot Zik 3 noise-cancelling wireless headphones  

Personally, I like to zone out while flying to my destination. These stylish (I am loving the spot of red and that sensuous curve of metal!) headphones have two settings—one which will cancel out all intrusive ambient noise while listening to your tunes with clarity and wonderful depth; or you can choose to turn on “street mode” and stay connected to your surroundings while answering the phone or listening to music. The best of both worlds!

Parrot | $399.99

tripcase Mobile App 

Organize and manage your trips in a single place! You can manage your itinerary, receive flight alerts, mark/remember places along your journey for future reference, check the weather, search alternate flights, routes, etc., share your travel plans, access important travel documents … a must have.

tripcase | Free

Wanderlust Keychain  

Well, this keychain says it all, doesn’t it?!

Etsy | $15.00

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