2016 i+s Wish List


2016 i+s Wish List

Rose Gold Beats by Dre

Gold accessories are a staple in my wardrobe—more specifically rose gold. Considering I listen to music all day and during travel (which I do often) headphones are essential in my day to day. Rose Gold Beats by Dre have an overall look with my favorite metallic touch and deliver high-quality sound. Being wireless means they can’t get wrapped up in all the stuff I have in my bag at any given time.

Beats by Dre | $299.95

Tory Burch 'Waterbury' Convertible Chelsea Boot

These boots are worth the price because they are two pairs of shoes in one! They are interchangeable from a bootie to a full-size riding boot meaning they can switch seasonally or with different looks. Tory Burch is also a go-to brand for me for shoes, so I know these will be comfortable and offer the perfect fit.

Tory Burch | $695

Goyard Red Goyardine Canvas Saint Louis PM

I’ve always wanted this Goyard tote and it is offered in red—my favorite color—so it seems like a no-brainer for a great present for me. It can hold just about my whole life (which I typically keep in my purse) and comes with a match wallet so, again, two gifts in one!

Goyard | $1,475

Cambridge Antique 60” Bookcase with Ladder

My boyfriend and I love books and just continue buying more at our local bookstore so, needless to say, all of the bookcases in our house are pretty much filled to capacity. I love these traditional bookcases that come with a ladder, mainly because Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” sang from the top of one while she searched for her next read. Plus, the wood matches my overall décor.

RC Willey | $999.99

Massage Membership

I love getting pampered, and I think it really is an important part of shutting off and getting some much-needed relaxation. I treat myself to a good massage every so often, but I would love to get them more regularly to help me de-stress (as I get older the muscle tension gets worse). Having a membership to my favorite local spa would be something to look forward to for unwinding monthly.

LaVida Massage | $39.95/month

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