2016 i+s Wish List

12/01/2016 By AnnMarie Martin

2016 i+s Wish List

Ampersand “Hoops” by Adorn Milk

It is my firm belief that no matter how ragged you look, throw on a pair of earrings and it will seem like you tried. So I'm hoping to snag these awesome little ampersand "hoops" from Adorn Milk to help me feel a little more presentable—and just maybe the twinkle in my eye when I tell people, "I'm a writer" will reflect right off of them.
Adorn Milk | $88

Sunglasses by Chanel

The bigger, the better when it comes to sunglasses and I'm loving this reimagined cat-eye style from Chanel. They'll cover my under-eye circles in architectural style—and also mask the fact that I stink at applying makeup. And, of course, there is the comfort in knowing you can't go wrong with Chanel. Ever.
Chanel | $430

Rouge Allure Lip Color by Chanel

While you're at Chanel, also pick me up their 165 Éblouissante shade of Rouge Allure, intense long wear lip color. My go-to shade has always been somewhere between a berry and a brown and this is the perfect combo. Oh, and I repeat, you cannot go wrong with Chanel.
Chanel | $37

Cashmere Mittens by White + Warren

I love mittens, but when handling my wily 3-year-old during the difficult northeast winter months, I need a full range of motion. These cashmere convertible mittens would give me the best of both worlds. Designed by White + Warren for Anthropologie (my favorite store).
Anthropologie | $88

The Estes Park Beanie by Anthropologie

The Estes Park Beanie, also from Anthropologie, has a gorgeously fluid cream color that will go with any coat I choose. And the poof at the top is a fun little addition that will help me hold onto my fading youth just a little bit longer!
Anthropologie | $48

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