Product Breakdown: AER-DEC Integrated Sink

From the Sloan Valve Company

Consider Sloan's AER-DEC Integrated Sink a one-stop shop for all your handwashing needs. It elevates any restroom to high-end status with a soap dispenser, faucet, hand-dryer, and sink basin all in one. It's designed to work as a single, beautiful, touch-free, hygienic, and highly-efficient system. Here's how it all breaks down:

percent of bacteria is removed by the dryer’s HEPA Air Filter.

microns is the rate at which the filter operates.

percent of operation costs can be slashed by eliminating the need for paper towels and by reducing maintenance on multiple components.

percent more water can be reduced with the adjustable flow rates, which range from ...

gallons per minute.

unit is all you need to allow users to wash, rinse, and dry in one fell swoop.