The Server Room at Citrix by Stripe Design

05/01/2013 By Robert Nieminen

If you walked past the door to Citrix’s special “server room” in its Santa Clara office, you’d probably think it housed the sort of equipment or hardware that keeps the tech company in business; in fact, you’d probably walk right past it. Looks can be deceiving.

Upon opening the code-protected door, you’ll find a highly-styled, low-tech place to think, recharge or go into “analog” mode—no cell phones, no laptops, just a quiet space to think or have a private conversation.

Citrix built its “server room” so designers can take a respite from technology and slow down in a space where thinking, rather than multitasking, is expected. The room was conceived by Brian Moose, creative director of Citrix, and brought to life by Silicon Valley artisans, most notably Suna Lock of Stripe Design. Lock collaborated with master woodworker Jake Lewis to create a space that has a classical feel, accentuated by warm, earthy tones and vintage decorations.

Studies show that removing yourself from a staid environment can enhance creativity, and that’s the point of the server room: to be a place that inspires creativity rather than conformity.