It's a Wild World

Durkan’s Wild Corners collection, designed by Stacy Garcia, takes visitors on a visual trip to exotic locales around the globe.

By Janet Wiens

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport features a sizable art collection to offer visitors a brief respite from the hustle and hassle of traveling. In the Transportation Mall, from the T Gates to Concourse A, travelers will find “Zimbabwe: A Tradition in Stone.” Featuring 20 sculptures from 12 of Zimbabwe’s finest artists, it was here that designer Stacy Garcia found the initial inspiration for what would become the Wild Corners collection by Durkan.

“Seeing the sculptures from Zimbabwe sparked something in me, and I started sketching ideas when I was in the airport,” says Garcia, who also heads her own, eponymous design house. “I found myself coming away with a range of thoughts.”

Garcia’s overarching motivation was the idea that as people, we are citizens of the world. In her opinion, we can no longer be independent; we must be socially aware and respect what is going on in the world. “Technology can connect us in ways never before possible,” she says. “We must be aware of events and respond as we can.”

Her approach to design is based on a simple formula: Inspiration = Creation = Inspiration. It is Garcia’s mission to be inspired by the world around her, and to create based upon that inspiration so that her designs and products will serve as inspiration to others.

“I ask myself if the designs I want to create are relevant to the marketplace,” Garcia says. “In this case, there is a strong movement to global design, so it was appropriate to move forward with the collection. You must be at the crossroads where design and business sense live.”

In the case of Wild Corners, how the collection would resonate with guests was very important. Garcia contemplated potential responses to patterns and colors. Would the designs contribute to memorable and engaging interiors? Would guests recommend the property to a friend, post pictures online or tweet about their experience? Most important, would the guests’ responses lead to a healthy bottom line for the owner? These and other questions laid the foundation for final design development.

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