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Silk Plants – More Lifelike and “Natural” than Real Plants


Plants. The term itself sends down a refreshing chill down the spine of every being. They not only spread their charm and add beauty, but they also extend tranquility and nature’s appeal in the surroundings. Silk Plants. Cheap, assembly line, fake imitations of Mother Nature’s beautiful plants which will be placed in some corner of home or office décor. This statement would have been an agreeable one, some 20 years back, but in the current scenario, this is not at all the case.

Silk Plants have evolved a great deal in the past few years, which justify the title that silk plants are as authentic as real plants and may even surpass them in a few parameters. Yet, there are many misconceptions about silk plants and their versatility.

Myth – Silk Plants require maintenance from time to time. They are very delicate and thus, fall apart after some intense cleaning.

Reality – Silk Plants require virtually no maintenance but just to extend their life and maintain their charm for a longer period, they require light dusting and wiping. Using a hair dryer or a duster for cleaning silk plants will go a long way in keeping them fresh and sparkling for years to come. Moreover, artificial plants are artistically crafted from high quality silk material which makes them attractive and exceptionally durable.

Myth – Silk Plants varieties are limited and the decoration options are pretty meager. Barring a few famous types there are hardly any pleasant surprises.

Reality – There are literally tons and tons of attractive artificial flowers, silk palms, artificial outdoor plants and trees, attractive silk topiaries, and the list goes endless. Due to the growing trend of artificial plants and trees, there are many artificial house plants and artificial office plants which are designed and compiled specifically for different rooms of your home and office décor. Artificial Agave plants, Artemisia, collection of assorted Herbs as well as Rosemary Shrubs are some of the silk decorations which are explicitly crafted for definite settings to create a pleasant backdrop. Not just in and around your home, but some fake plants are designed for aquariums also which are known to move in the water similar to their real counterparts. Plus these artificial plants won’t create any hassle or mess in your aquariums.

Myth – Real Plants are full of positive energy whereas artificial trees do not offer any ‘living feel’.

Reality – According to Feng Shui experts, there should be silk plants placed in either some corner of your bedroom or living room or there should be an artificial tree placed at the entrance of your home delivering a warm and pleasant welcome to all your guests. Artificial plants or trees consisting of pointed leaves bring in inspiration as well as motivational factors with them when placed in home or office décor or kitchen. Place an artificial Bamboo Tree or a silk Bonsai Tree in South, East or South-East corner of your home or office backdrop and witness good luck and fortune which will harmonize your life.

In these changing times, when there’s no moment for even a bite, the hassle free nature of fake trees will surely grant you some breathing space whereas one look at these elegant and sophisticated silk plants will surely fill your hearts with delight.