How to Specify for the Retail Market

Retail is a fast-paced market in the interior design industry. With quick project timelines, frequent renovations and rapidly changing trends, specifying materials for a retail space gives designers an opportunity to think about the impact of their product selections in an entirely different light. Read how now. 

Keeping in Mind IAQ Design and Build Fundamentals in a COVID-centric World

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of taking common-sense measures to protect indoor air quality and integrate healthy building design into building codes and projects. Review the rating systems and certifications already available to help guide the design and construction of buildings that support occupant health, whether during a pandemic or not.

The Coming of Age of Telehealth

How will the telehealth trend affect the design of healthcare environments and what do designers need to know about this rapidly growing model of care? This CEU will explore these issues and more.

Holistic Interior Design: Benefits of Practicing a Mindful Approach

What is holistic design and why should you consider incorporating it into your interior design process? Gala Magriñá, founder and principal of Gala Magriñá Design, discusses how bringing mindfulness to the forefront of our daily lives and design practices can help everyone to live happier and more successful lives.