Sustainable Design

CEU Explores Materiality, Sustainability of Resilient Flooring

Guest Jane Rohde talks about her new CEU on resilient flooring with the Resilient Floor Covering Institute. Get a crash course on some of the material covered in this distance learning opportunity and learn some of the in’s and out’s about the materiality, sustainability and performance of resilient floorcoverings.

How to Specify: Climate-Positive Materials

Decorative laminates and composite woods are some of the most sustainable choices for materials. Find out what makes them such a great choice in the fight against climate change and how they can impact human health in this discussion with guest Kenn Busch, founder of Material Intelligence. 

How to Specify: Sustainable Furniture

How can designers tell if a product is truly sustainable or if it’s just been greenwashed? Join Chief Content Director Robert Nieminen as he talks with Brad Miller and Jennifer Wammack of BIFMA about product sustainability standards.