Web-Based Calculator Documents Impact of Recycling Ceilings


LANCASTER, PA – Armstrong Ceilings has created an interactive Environmental Impact Calculator on its Web site to demonstrate the difference that recycling old ceiling tiles can make.

By simply entering the number of square feet of ceilings to be recycled, visitors are able to view the environmental impact, including the pounds of waste diverted from landfills, tons of virgin raw materials saved, kilowatt hours of energy saved, gallons of potable water saved, and kilograms of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases avoided.

The Calculator can also display the impact in terms of everyday analogies, such as the number of tires diverted from landfills, pounds of carry-on luggage not carried on, months of electricity needed to power a home, loads of laundry not washed, and miles not driven. 

An Alternative to Landfill Disposal
Armstrong introduced the industry’s first ceiling recycling program in 1999. Since that time, the company, working in conjunction with its customers, has recycled more than 80,000,000 square feet of discarded ceiling tiles. This represents more than 11,000 dumpsters full of construction waste that would have normally been taken to landfills.

The closed-loop program enables building owners to ship ceilings from renovation projects to an Armstrong ceiling plant as an alternative to landfill disposal. As part of the program, the company even pays freight costs for shipping the old ceilings, which it uses as raw materials in the manufacture of new ceilings.

To access the Environmental Impact Calculator, visit www.armstrong.com/impactcalculator.

To obtain more information on the Ceiling Recycling Program, visit www.armstrong.com/recycling.

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