“Kids Build” Program is Beneficial for Students and Architects

Kids help architects design and build their own schools, and then act as energy-conscious stewards for the facility

Can you imagine 5th and 6th grade students wearing hard hats and safety glasses, and helping you design and build their own school? And then acting as energy-conscious stewards for the facility?


For kids in New Haven, CT, Kids Build is an educational program developed by Svigals + Partners in conjunction with the New Haven School Construction Program. By offering students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience working with architects, construction managers and tradespeople, Kids Build offers career mentoring, side by side with lessons in art, science, math, etc. 


With two schools already completed, including the Beecher School and The Columbus Family Academy, the program is gearing up for a third project at the Engineering and Science University Magnate School. Kids Build is an innovative way to give students insight to careers in architecture and construction while conveying civic pride and teamwork.