Vinyl With Virtue: Lonseal Launches GreenVinyl™ Program


Ever mindful of the environment, Lonseal Inc.—maker of innovative flooring and vertical surfacing—is now manufacturing sustainable, high-performing resilient sheet-vinyl products, through its GreenVinyl™ program. GreenVinyl™ is Lonseal's comprehensive environmental positioning, encompassing developments in eco-friendly products and sustainable product attributes.


New formulations in product composition have led to products that are LEED compliant and contribute to healthier air quality. Lonseal's patented GreenAir™ technology is a new formulation of plasticizers and pigmentation that results in low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not only has GreenAir™ been applied to Lonseal's latest products, but older, more familiar products have been reformulated with the technology as well, reducing VOC emissions by 80 percent to 90 percent. Lonseal has also integrated recycled vinyl into all of its 29 products in compliance with LEED MR 4.1 standards (10 percent or more post-industrial recycled content). Of these products, 27 meet LEED MR 4.2 requirements (20 percent or more post-industrial recycled content).


In addition to being GreenAir™ formulated and composed of 20 percent recycled content, several Lonseal products have the added distinction of being GREENGUARD certified. These products—Loneco, Loneco Mesa, Lonfloor Vista, Lonwood Dakota, and Lonwood Natural—were awarded the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute's GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification. These products were tested under the GREENGUARD Certification Program's strict protocols for low-emitting indoor materials and will be monitored on an ongoing basis. Striving to raise the green bar further, Loneco products are made of 50 percent recycled materials.


Lonseal has also introduced a range of UV-cured, factory-applied, urethane-finish products: Loncourt UV, Lonnova UV, and Lonmetro UV. Lonseal's innovative "UV finish" allows for easy upkeep: removing dirt is as simple as wiping a whiteboard. The UV-cured urethane layer provides maximum resistance to foot traffic and most chemicals common to commercial settings. The UV technology contributes to low life-cycle costs, as additional sanitizing chemicals are unnecessary in cleaning, another benefit to the environment.


Continuously exploring new methods and technologies to minimize impact on the environment, Lonseal has also joined with other notable organizations that share similar goals. Lonseal is a member of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), the U.S. Green Buildings Council and the Greenguard Environmental Institute.



Lonseal Inc. is designer and manufacturer of resilient flooring and vertical surfacing products, many featuring innovative embossing patterns. Since 1972, Lonseal has been developing enduringly popular designs including Lonplate, Loncoin, Londot, Lonbead, Lonfloor Vista, Lonnova UV, Londeck, Loneco and Lonwood Natural. Through Lonseal's GreenVinyl™ initiative, the majority of Lonseal products have been reformulated to contain 20 percent post-industrial content and, through the company's

GreenAir™ technology, products emit low VOCs. Lonseal provides resilient flooring and vertical surfacing to healthcare, educational, recreational, fitness, corporate, retail, and hospitality markets throughout the United States. It is distributed through architects, designers, and contractors nationwide.