Tandus Brands Reincarnate Carpet Sample Books


Chicago, IL (June 20, 2006) - At the NeoCon World's Trade Fair last week, Tandus announced the launch of an innovative reincarnation of  the traditional carpet sample book. Designed with designers in mind, the "blink book" builds upon the success of the blink by Tandus™ program to bring the advantages of sustainable design company Tricycle's digital sampling to running line products offered by all three Tandus brands: Monterey, C&A and Crossley.

The blink by Tandus program, launched at last year's NeoCon, uses SIM from Tricycle® simulation to digitally tuft custom modular and broadloom carpet samples. As an integrated web and print program, blink allows interior designers to create their own virtual custom samples for immediate viewing online and for quick delivery of color accurate, realistic print samples and room scenes. The program allows designers to reduce the number of physical samples ordered and so to avoid unnecessary use of oil, energy and water, as well as unnecessary landfill waste. To date, blink has focused on enabling extensive designer input for custom orders.

This year, Tandus is bringing the advantages of the program to its running line products. Blink is being re-launched with all Tandus solution dye running line products available for color modification through www.blinkbytandus.com. At the same time, the blink book is using simulation to present running line in a revolutionary evolution of the sample book, minimizing the need for carpet samples that end up in landfill, while enhancing the sampling experience for designers. A blink book presents carpet with a single feeler sample as well as tear-off pads of 25 SIM from Tricycle® digitally tufted paper print swatches showing each colorway that is available for the product; Tandus is calling the pads of SIM prints "High Resolution Digital Simulation (HiRezDS)" pads.

It is a common practice for designers to tear swatches out of a sample book for their inspiration boards, schematic design and initial client presentations. While other carpet manufacturers discourage this practice, because it requires them to replace the samples and sometimes the books, Tandus recognizes that this use of sample books is an important part of a designer's creative process and developed blink books to enable and encourage it.

The books also require one-third of the shelf space of traditional sample books—an important consideration in today's overburdened resource libraries. Also, while other sample books are sent to landfill when their colors go out of date, blink books are designed so that the print swatches can be easily replaced, allowing them to have a longer shelf life. When this shelf life does come to an end, each blink book is designed to be disassembled and recycled, further supporting Tandus' corporate commitment to sustainability.

"While we feel the blink book concept is potentially patentable, we aren't interested in protecting this system from industry-wide use," said Tandus senior vice president Lee Schilling. "Because of the significant financial impact as well as environmental benefits, Tandus encourages other manufactures to replicate this system of sampling. The impact on the carpet industry, and beyond, could be enormous."

"We were excited when Tandus approached us with the inventive SIM pad idea," said Tricycle chief brand officer Michael Hendrix. "This sort of leadership thinking is characteristic of Tandus, putting high priority on both the environmental impact of their own manufacturing process and ways to boost, rather than hinder, the creativity of designers."

About Tandus
Tandus unites the industry's leading specialized flooring companies, Monterey, C&A and Crossley, to provide flexible, cost-effective solutions in the key areas of global reach, product design/technology, comprehensive services and sustainability/environmental leadership. Working in tandem to provide collective strength, Tandus offers one source to meet all the floor covering needs of design professionals. For more information, go to www.tandus.com

About Tricycle
Tricycle launched a transformation of the interiors industry in 2002, with dematerializing design tools and services using SIM from Tricycle® simulation. In the four years since, the company has earned international design and sustainable leadership honors from architects, interior designers, graphic designers, publications and organizations working for social betterment—including a National Design Award nomination in 2006. Tricycle enables the interiors industry to work toward greater economic, social and environmental good. Visit www.tricycleinc.com for more information.