OptiLED Unveils Color-Changing LED Series


OptiLED has unveiled a new High Intensity Vorticular Enclosure (HIVE) modular system, an LED-based, color-changing Optical Array that the company says delivers three times as much light as typical high power LED lighting.

The HIVE provides lighting designers with a range of flexibility and color-changing capabilities that was previously considered impossible. Its modular design makes it suitable for large lighting projects from flood lighting buildings and large architectural features to grand theatrical productions or underwater applications like fountains and pools. The HIVE module is also appealing to fixture manufacturers looking to create a range of RGB lighting.    

The HIVE module is a revolutionary building block approach to lighting with the capability to rapidly create larger arrays of units for greater lighting intensities and effects. Using a hexagonal design, each HIVE module interconnects and passes power and data to other units in the Optical Array. With a simple slot-in design between modules, the array can be built to virtually any size or shape. Each HIVE module uses three high-powered LEDs, including red, green and blue, allowing for excellent color mixing and lighting effects. Each is also capable of producing 16.7 million colors under DMX512 control.

Using the most advanced non-imaging optics available from Light Prescription Innovators (LPI) (www.lpi-llc.com), the Optical Array Series achieves some of the highest efficiencies available in the market today. Together with LPI’s highly efficient collimating optics, OptiLED uses a tertiary optical system to control the projected light pattern. The Optical Array lights come standard with a 16-degree diffuser, factory-fitted option of 25-degree, 50-degree and 80-degree spherical diffusers, and 2x70 degree line or 10x60 degree elliptical diffusers. With the choices offered through the tertiary optical system, each optical array can produce six different light patterns. With the standard 16-degree material, the light becomes highly collimated, producing very focused and intense lighting effects. The 80-degree diffuser can produce a wash effect for large-scale “wall washing” or for larger projection. The 2x70 and 10x60 diffuser create line or elliptical effects for edge lighting applications or where sharper line effects are required.

The first product featuring the HIVE module is the Modular Optical Array S-1, which holds an IP68 rating and can be used in fully submersible applications as well as normal dry, open conditions or locations. The S-1 is fully DMX512 controllable, creating a dynamic display of up to 16.7 million colors at 256 levels of intensity. With a low voltage power supply and power consumption of only five watts per module, the Optical Array and ultra long-life LEDs offer a low maintenance solution for those applications requiring high brightness and those in challenging locations such as water fountains and pools.

“OptiLED’s new HIVE module and the Modular Optical Array Series will revolutionize the high efficiency long-life RGB lighting market. Choice and flexibility are priorities for designers all over the world when selecting LED products, and the versatile HIVE technology offers all the benefits of color changing with LEDs and adds intensity, brightness and focus as well,” said Bruce Pelton, vice president of sales for OptiLED. 

“The HIVE module proves again that OptiLED continues to provide the most versatile and effective LED products on the market today,” continued Pelton.

The HIVE module will be available in linear and spherical modular units with power supply and tertiary optics fitted as standard. All technical specifications are preliminary and subject to modification.