A Library for the Millennium


Libraries are not just about holding books anymore.


Princeton, NJ’s newly completed public library is a three-floor, 120,000 book facility with 12 uniquely designed rooms and a state-of-the-art integrated multimedia information system.

Audio Video Systems Group (AVSG), a custom installer of high end audio/video equipment, described its mission as ensuring that the Princeton Library could accommodate visitors of the 21st century. It achieved this by outfitting the facility with cutting-edge technology to create an atmosphere brimming with information opportunities, while retaining a community environment. 

The first floor meeting room is fully automated. With a tap of a touch screen, window shades descend and lights dim. The ten-foot screen and high resolution LCD video projector can be used by local companies for community presentations or conferencing.

The third floor Tech Center, used for various community classes, features an electronic white board with a 60-inch NEC plasma screen and interactive touch-sensitive overlay control panel, allowing instructors to interact with project computer data, images, and live notations and four independently programmable flat screens are situated throughout the building.

AVSG, a regional supplier of exclusive high-end audio and video electronics for homes, businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations.