HingeSonic Audio Studio


HingeSonic, a new, full-service music composition and audio house in New York City, hired audio studio designer Chris Bowman to be the construction consultant for the audio portion of the studio as they brainstormed ways to make the rooms visually appealing to their clients.

The studio is focused primarily on original music composition, music licensing, sound design, and postaudio. It houses the Sonomic Library consisting of more than 200,000 sound effects, samples, and music beds. The agency has won various awards including Promax Gold for TV Land “Kitschen,” and Promax Silver for “La Toiletta” for Nickelodeon.

HingeSonic has strategic alliances with top record labels and award winning ad agencies including Saatchi and Saatchi, Fallon, and Grey. The agency is known for its creativity and original music composition and has received major accolades for their film work.

Forfeiting the more traditional look, HingeSonic decided to go for more of an simplistic, clean, and edgy feel. The wife of HingeSonic’s CEO, Robby LeDoux, takes professional pictures from plane windows, and her work is used as the theme for the studio. A blown-up picture of Mrs. LeDoux wallpapers an entire wall, which actually gives the small studio a larger feel.

The use of grays, silvers, and blacks and the original flooring throughout the studio maintains the “slick” feel in this audio house originally designed by Martin Vahtra, who is famous for Kitchen 22, Muse, and various other NYC establishments.

Kathy Boerner

5W Public Relations (www.5wpr.com)

New York, NY