Carnegie Sponsors Museum of Arts, Design LOOT Event

High performance Xorel textile is transformed into jewelry

Leading textile manufacturer Carnegie is proud to sponsor the 14th edition of the Museum of Arts and Design, LOOT MAD about Jewelry annual exhibition and sale featuring designs from 50 emerging and acclaimed international jewelry artists. LOOT has become known as the ultimate pop-up shop for contemporary artist-made jewelry, where collectors and jewelry enthusiasts have the rare opportunity to meet and acquire pieces from some of the most innovative creators in the field.

Carnegie partnered with highly regarded designer and LOOT veteran Danielle Gori-Montonelli for the event. Gori-Montanelli chose multiple styles of the company’s high performance Xorel textile to create works of wearable art. Gori-Montonelli regularly designs with felt and was thrilled to experiment with woven polyethylene. “I love this material,” she said at the LOOT opening reception, “I absolutely want to work with it again.”

Gori-Montonelli created three exquisite necklaces from Xorel. She designed two nature inspired pieces replete with flowers, vines and leaves from plain textural Xorel. She layered two pieces of material together before hand cutting the shapes with scissors. “My pieces evolve organically as I play with the colors and forms of accumulating layers,” says Gori-Montonelli. The third piece combines digitally printed Xorel wallcovering with her traditional felt.

Carnegie’s Xorel is also on display in a traditional end use. The company designed a custom embroidered wallcovering based on Gori-Montonelli’s silver floral piece crafted from the same material. Carnegie design intern Kara Ghenm developed the pattern with overlapping embroidered layers of stylized natural elements on a silver background.

“Artists are dreamers and inventors—they transform materials in new and different ways. These interpretations are inspiring and fascinating, opening the doors in the viewer’s mind. At Carnegie we aspire to be inspired therefore we are a proud supporter of the Museum of Arts and Design,” Heather Bush, EVP creative and brand director for Xorel at Carnegie.

Xorel and all the jewelry at LOOT can be viewed and purchased at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City through October 10, 2014. Please visit the Museum website for hours and exhibit details.

Carnegie Sponsors Museum of Arts, Design LOOT Event

Danielle Gori-Montanelli has transformed high performance Xorel into ornate works of art.