Milliken Demonstrates Commitment to Transparency in Innovation with Declare Labels

Labels help architecture and design community select healthier products for interior environments

Milliken has demonstrated a commitment to transparency by disclosing the components of their modular carpet collections through Declare, a voluntary labeling program and database operated by the International Living Future InstituteTM. All Milliken modular carpet collections are free of Red List hazardous materials and chemicals, which can impact the health of those who inhabit a space.

“Declare labels align with Milliken’s commitment to ‘do good’ by providing industry-leading floor covering solutions that improve the world in which we live,” says Jim McCallum, president of Milliken’s global floor covering division.

Declare labels display product components, increase transparency, and aid designers in meeting the Red List Imperative of the Living Building ChallengeTM. The rigorous environmental assessment requires that all building materials be free of hazardous chemicals known to pose risks to human health and the environment.

“Milliken offers a variety of sustainability attributes that allow designers and end users to demand more from carpet and textile manufacturers,” says Philip Ivey, strategic sustainability leader for Milliken’s global floor covering division. “This includes a higher level of environmental stewardship with a complete approach to sustainability—from the quality of manufacturing practices, environmental, and safety policies and ethical standards to the environmental and health aspects of product components, longevity, and renewability. With Declare labels, we can verify the ways in which our products can improve the health and safety of interior environments.”

Uniquely, Milliken has discovered innovations in sustainable floor coverings that allow products to be:

  • Carbon neutral and manufactured by Milliken, a family of companies certified carbon-negative by the Leonardo Academy
  • PVC-free for all North American floor covering
  • Available with TractionBack—an environmentally superior method for laying modular carpet tile