Steelcase Deepens Long Term Commitment To Healthcare and Education Business

Rebranding of healthcare, education divisions represent the evolution of the business

Steelcase Inc. has announced the rebrand of its healthcare division from Nurture® by Steelcase to Steelcase® Health. The company’s education business—Steelcase Education Solutions—is also being rebranded to become Steelcase® Education.

This evolution represents a confidence in the healthcare and education business and is part of Steelcase’s strategy for continued growth in both markets. By further aligning the brands, Steelcase can leverage the consistency, global scale, and broad appeal of the Steelcase brand across all of the industries it serves.

“Both the healthcare and education industry are in a time of great change,” said Bob Crain, vice president of strategic markets at Steelcase. “The delivery models in healthcare are changing from volume-based to value-based while at the same time in education they are shifting from passive learning to active learning. There is a lot of investment in infrastructure in both sectors, and Steelcase is in a unique position to help leading organizations understand how the places where people come together—for work, for learning and for health—can improve the experiences, wellbeing, and outcomes of everyone involved.”

Steelcase® Health, formerly known as Nurture by Steelcase, will continue to advance the core belief in the power of place—to deliver greater connection, empathy, and wellbeing for everyone involved in the experience of health. Steelcase® Health aims to help healthcare organizations address high-priority issues including total cost management, revenue generation, health outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

Steelcase® Education, formerly Steelcase Education Solutions, will continue to build on its research to provide insights and solutions for the new classroom paradigm; a learning ecosystem, that carefully considers and intentionally designs for the intersection of pedagogy, technology, and space.