SEGD Series Presents Arlon Graphics

Santa Ana-based manufacturer details innovations in vinyl film for the environmental and architectural markets

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) New York Chapter held its latest "Small Talk. Big Ideas" event on Thursday, April 17 at the offices of Swanke Hayden Connell Architects. Attendees networked and enjoyed refreshments as Kevin Rourke, National Specifications Manager, presented Arlon’s suite of solutions.

The "Small Talk. Big Ideas" event brought together a talented group of design professionals to better understand the wide range of substrates in the market and develop a series of best practices for determining the most appropriate solution for each project. 

Those practices included the importance of assessments, sampling and prototyping before beginning installations, the need to clean interior walls thoroughly before applying films and the amount of time needed for paint to properly cure before applying graphics. Rourke said that newly painted interior walls should cure for at least seven days.

Rourke detailed several case studies that used Arlon window etch films, digital printed film and restyling film products that have been applied to automobiles, corporate interiors and retail installations.

“With the large amount of new materials coming down the pike, Arlon’s size has allowed us to be nimble and develop better solutions in real-time,” said Rourke.

Arlon Graphics is one of the most experienced vinyl film manufacturers in the world. For more than 54 years, it has manufactured products that inspire expression and support the ability to build impactful messages.