Objects Made Heads to Boston

Second edition serves as interactive exploration of modern design concepts and craftsmanship

05.07.2014 by Martin Caballero

Part lecture, part gallery exhibition, the second edition of Objects Made arrived in Boston last Thursday as an interactive exploration of modern design concepts and craftsmanship.

Designer Sarah Miller spent over a year meeting and talking with 21 artisans and craftspeople, representing a broad range of mediums and nationalities, in Portland about their respective creative processes. 

With a sparkling evening view of downtown as the backdrop, Miller presented her findings, as well as a selection of objects created by her subjects. 

“I’m always intrigued by how other people start and end the work they’re doing, so I wanted to learn more specifically about that as it related to other people and objects that they were making,” said Miller. 

During the hour-long presentation, Miller focused on those people and objects to illustrate ten design concepts gleaned through her research. Oved Valdez’s reimagining of the classic tape deck boom box, in the form of the TDK A73 digital stereo, for example, underlined Miller’s idea of “Make It Better,” or rethinking objects from the past in modern context. 

The breadth of objects on display — ranging from ceramic tile to a modern mobile classroom prototype — reflected the practical application of Miller’s concepts. Read more about Miller here.