Trove’s REDEUX & MARQUEE Receive New Certifications

Substrates Receive IMO-Certification for Marine Environments

Trove has received IMO certification for two of its most popular commercial substrates—REDEUX and MARQUEE. This latest advancement will allow Trove to offer its 33 standard patterns including its newest Trace, Flux, Nimbus, and Heze, as well as custom designs to a whole new project sector—marine environments.

REDEUX, an eco-friendly type II commercial grade wallcovering—which has been installed in hotels, restaurants, and universities—lends itself perfectly to cruise ships, yachts, or seaside spaces. The high level of breathability in the material increases resistance to mold and mildew in humid environments.

The single-ply, 14-ounce commercial grade wallcovering combines Type II durability with a Class “A” fire rating that meets ASTM E84 and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. Easy to clean, it can be washed with mild soap and water. It contains over 31 percent post-consumer recycled materials and is made with 100 percent water-based inks and adhesive systems.

PVC and POA free, REDEUX does not contain any plasticizers, phthalates, formaldehyde, chlorine, halogens, heavy metals, or ozone depleting chemicals. With no harmful gas emissions and low VOC emissions, REDEUX contributes to safer air quality and up to 6 LEED point credits. A true alternative to vinyl wallcovering, Trove offers a reclamation program for REDEUX in which excess material or waste can be sent back to Trove for reuse and recycling.

Trove’s MARQUEE wallcovering also makes the grade for maritime settings. Like REDEUX, it offers a Type II certification, Class “A” fire rating, and NFPA rating for smoke development. The 2-ply wallcovering features unique glass bead embossing, which adds a shimmering layer to its durability. MARQUEE is ideal for use in areas with halogen lighting to create a metallic shimmering surface effect.