Fireclay Launches First Direct-To-Consumer Online Tile Concept

Company also rolls out first tile made from recycled CRT monitors

Fireclay Tile, a U.S. sustainable manufacturer of custom ceramic and glass tile, announced the rollout of the industry’s first direct-to-consumer online tile concept.

“We’ve recognized an opportunity to collapse the walls that stand between the physical and virtual side of the tile business and set the standard for the entire industry and most important, our customers,” said Eric Edelson, CEO of Fireclay Tile.

Fireclay’s new online experience includes the following:

  • A “find a local installer” program, linking customers with top-notch tile installers
  • An online “make it yours” purchasing tool, allowing you to pick your color, size, and quantity, and it will be made for you in California in just a few short weeks
  • Free design assistance, including online chat and tile design services
  • Free samples and free shipping
  • Simplified pricing, with colors and patterns easily found online and shoppable

“Even at 27 years old, Fireclay exhibits the energy, vigor, and missionary zeal of a one-year-old startup,” said Deven Clemens, director of White Road Investments. “The team has transitioned what many considered a slow-moving, established company into a platform to directly meet the changing ways that customers want to learn about and purchase high quality tile.”

Fireclay Tile is also taking this opportunity to launch its newest sustainable offering–CRT Glass Tile–made from 100 percent recycled cathode ray tube (CRT) computer and television screens.

Fireclay Tile recently opened its new San Francisco, Calif. showroom and headquarters, accessible to the trade and public. This state-of-the-art showroom designed by VITAL Environment highlights every Fireclay Tile product, including its pattern and color walls.