YOLO Colorhouse Unveils 2014 Color Palettes

Three new color palettes encompass both minimal colors and distinct accents

For 2014, YOLO Colorhouse presents a trio of color palettes that evoke simplicity (Sketchbook & Marine Layer) and push the boundaries with bolder and vibrant hues (Color Theories).

“We are seeing a contradiction in color terms for 2014,” says YOLO Colorhouse Co-Founder Janie Lowe. “Some interiors are going back to the basics with minimal color, and at the other end of the color spectrum, we see the embrace of distinct splashes of color like peacock blue and citron yellow.”

YOLO Colorhouse’s 2014 color trend palettes include:

The Sketchbook Palette
Embrace the simplicity of black and white with this pared-down palette. Similar to a charcoal drawing, visual interest is accomplished through changes in value and contrast. This palette features the basic hues of BISQUE .01, METAL .03, METAL .04 and METAL .06.

Marine Layer Palette
Evoke the casual calm of living near water by layering blue, green and grey hues. As gentle as walking through fog, these cool colors transition easily from room to room. This palette features the basic hues of BISQUE .06, GLASS .02, WOOL .03 and WOOL .06.

Color Theories Palette
These colors evoke sophisticated European salons filled with vibrant discussions about poetry, philosophy and art. As a nod to creative spirits and independent thinkers, use these colors when you want to push design boundaries with the unexpected combination of WOOL .05, BEESWAX .05, METAL .05 and WOOD .02.