TOTO Announces Strategic Partnership with Crossville

Crossville to offer HYDROTECT as an optional finish on a majority of its porcelain tile collections.

TOTO, the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world with $5.01 billion dollars in annual sales, today announced the launch of its new cross-industrial strategic partnership with Crossville, Inc., a U.S.-owned and operated manufacturer of award-winning porcelain, glass, and stone tile collections for residential and contract applications. Beginning in June, 2013, Crossville will offer HYDROTECT as an optional finish on a majority of its porcelain tile collections. 

“TOTO established ‘HYDROTECT Partners’ to raise HYDROTECT’s profile in the global marketplace and disseminate knowledge about this breakthrough technology worldwide,” said Daijiro Nogata, President of TOTO USA. “TOTO continues to aggressively build our global network of cross-industrial strategic business partners. We are proud to announce that Crossville, Inc., is the newest member of our international network. This is announcement is a special pleasure for TOTO as we partner with Crossville on one of our key environmental initiatives – upcycling our imperfect and damaged china for new tile production. HYDROTECT will be available as an option on Crossville's recycled tile line, as well as its other collections,” Nogata continued.

Crossville applies HYDROTECT to its porcelain tile during a second firing process, after the tile is traditionally glazed and fired. HYDROTECT will not wash or wear off over time and is not visible -- it does not alter the tile’s appearance. “We are very honored to have HYDROTECT power collections by a leading U.S. porcelain tile manufacturer.  Our partnership with Crossville will accelerate HYDROTECT’s North American brand recognition,” said Nogata.

HYDROTECT TechnologyTOTO’s HYDROTECT technology utilizes photocatalysts with superhydrophilic and decomposition properties offering the following benefits:

  • creates easy clean surfaces on buildings’ exteriors or interiors
  • cleans the air (reduces pollutant gases, NOx, SOx, VOCs, which contribute to greenhouse gas production and improves general air quality, both indoor and outdoor); and
  • offers an anti-microbial* effect (suppresses the growth of odor causing bacteria).

Among HYDROTECT products’ secondary benefits are global greenhouse gas reduction; carbon footprint reduction; contribution to LEED points on submitted projects; building maintenance cost savings; reduction in the use of harmful cleaning agents; and a net positive environmental impact as derived from Life Cycle Assessment.

*The product is currently under review by EPA. Data and information herein have not yet been evaluated and approved by the EPA. Information is based on 3rd party testing per ISO standards. Photocatalyst products are not designed to protect users from disease causing bacteria or replace good cleaning/maintenance practices.