The Brand Master

Eileen Jones of Perkins+Will has already redefined the branding of corporate environments with a holistic approach to design, but the work never ends.

by Margie Monin Dombrowski

These days, Jones and her team at Perkins+Will address client needs holistically. Rather than tackling projects with a design-only perspective, they view everything through an interdisciplinary lens—architecture, interior design, branded environments, planning and strategies, preservation and reuse, and urban design.

“We’re often looking for solutions that may be innovative for our customers,” she says. “I think that leads to those projects that challenge us to grow. That then is about the things that inspire me—new ideas, the relationships we build with clients over time, how we can continue to provide value and service to them, getting them to that next body or piece of work.”

“I’m inspired by nature and natural systems,” Jones adds. “When you understand the interconnectedness of those things within environmental systems, you also understand the relationship of people and groups—problem solving from a different perspective.”

Since 2003, Jones has collaborated on renovating Haworth’s One Haworth Center headquarters in Holland, Mich., and its showrooms all over the world. Their crisp and minimalist aesthetic, reconfigurability, deconstructed design elements and LEED Gold certifications all speak to Haworth’s commitment to redefining its interiors with flexible and sustainable solutions.

“That’s been a terrific model of how multiple disciplines came together in bringing a new image forth in the marketplace at a time when Haworth was reevaluating their product and nature of offering, and taking a new message to market,” she says.

Jones readily acknowledges the challenges of branding environments so deeply (“How do you make it feel fresh and new, again and again?” she asks rhetorically), but the truth is that it is a never-ending process. She holds up her work with Haworth as proof. “The fact that we continue to work with them allows us to continuously evolve that brand, and make sure the environments speak to the changes and evolution of both their brand and product.”

Contact Information

Eileen Jones
Design Principal, Branded Environments

330 North Wabash Avenue
Suite 3600
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 755-0770

Consistently humble, Jones says she considers each client to be a business partner. Being able to build on those relationships and deliver a culture-changing product inspires her to keep innovating each day. And although the ideas behind branded environments are now entering the public consciousness, she continues to train her gaze on design’s horizon, looking for the next big idea that will give her clients an edge in an always-connected, super-informed world.

“It has become more critical for organizations, institutions and corporations to more clearly differentiate themselves, to give people a reason to want to come to them, whether it’s a customer or employee,” says Jones. “There’s a growing awareness of brand as a communicator and built environments as a differentiator. It’s something that can build loyalty to their brand. All of it is wrapped up in brand communication.”

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