Robert Allen Goes Digital

Company launches interactive digital sample books for Spring 2013 collection

The Robert Allen Design Group is launching its first interactive digital sample book for interior designers with Viridian, from the 2013 Spring Color Library Collection: Artistic Color.

Designers can use the digital version much like its physical counterpart from any desktop, smartphone or tablet. The tool features turnable pages and composition information, plus click-through access to the Robert Allen website to order memos, purchase fabric or learn more about the collection.

It will be available at or as a downloadable PDF.

The new digital book platform and library was the undertaking of Barbara Marcoon, director of e-commerce and digital marketing at Robert Allen.

“A big part of the digital books is that we are color-correcting the photography very accurately, so they best represent the colors in the fabrics,” Marcoon says.

Robert Allen made a name for itself as the first fine fabric collection to be designed by color, and while the company cannot maintain complete control of how different monitors display the digital books, accuracy remains a top priority. Marcoon and her team will be important players to watch, as more and more manufacturers attempt to digitize their sample books, and face similar production hurdles in the process.

“As we begin to build the virtual library with more collections, we will use an improved color correction process,” she says. “We can confidently say designers have made a note that they really like the improved color representation.”

Be on the lookout for the digital release of additional Color Library Collection books. All new feature collections will be released as both physical and digital books, as well.