IIDA and ASID Boards of Directors Meet

Boards discuss ways to collaborate to advance interior design

CHICAGO—The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) announced a recent joint meeting with their boards of directors. Also in attendance were Cheryl Durst, IIDA EVP/CEO; Dennis Krause, IIDA Senior VP; Randy Fiser, ASID EVP/CEO; and Thom Banks, ASID COO.

During the three-day meeting, held March 7-9, hosted by Interface, the group discussed the future of the design profession and began the conversation to create a shared vision of that future.

“It is time to create an innovative shared vision of the future that supports and reinforces the relevance and value of design in a global marketplace,” said Durst. “It is the goal of IIDA and ASID to move the interior design profession forward. Collaborative meetings such as this, and joint initiatives—like a defined research agenda—that focus on advancing the profession allow us to maximize our strengths and leverage the tremendous combined power of both organizations.”

“This meeting provided a platform for ASID and IIDA to engage in a thought-provoking session to envision what it means to be an interior designer and how we can advance the profession,” said Fiser. “It was clear that the status quo for membership organizations is no longer acceptable. As we move toward a new generation of design, we will bring greater public awareness of the profession and increased value to our members.”

Both the IIDA and ASID Boards of Directors expressed confidence in the future of their collaborative endeavors and the positive impact it will have on the interior design industry and design professionals. No further meetings have been announced.