Milliken Introduces Carpet Landfill Diversion Program

The process will require customers to submit a sample of carpet to determine how it can best be reused or recycled.

Continuing its century-long commitment to environmental stewardship, Milliken has introduced a new sustainability driver for its customers: Milliken’s Carpet Landfill Diversion Program. The program provides simple means for customers to divert old carpet from landfills.

The diversion process begins by finding the highest form of recovery, including recycling used carpet into new carpet, downcycling it into alternative products or donating it to charity. The process requires customers to request a quote for landfill diversion and submit a minimum 8- by 8-foot sample of carpet to help determine the best specification for recovery. The customer will receive a quote from Milliken 72 hours after carpet samples and online quote requests are received.

As a founding and active board member of the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), Milliken’s Carpet Landfill Diversion Program ensures all carpet will be handled in the most environmentally friendly ways, while following all CARE guidelines.

“As manufacturers, we fully embrace our social and environmental responsibilities—and this includes providing services that allow carpet to remain out of landfills,” says David Moody, president of Milliken’s global floor covering division. “Our products and practices, including our newly introduced Carpet Landfill Diversion Program, all reflect Milliken’s desire to deliver innovative solutions and experiences to our customers.”

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