Duravit Supports World Water Day with Art Giveaway

Enter by Monday, March 26 to win a work of art from 2011 "Water is Life" poster competition

In celebration of World Water Day (3/22), Duravit is giving away three works of art from last year's "Water is Life" poster competition with the United Nations to help spread awareness of this important day. The competition will be open through Monday, 3/26.

The earth is home to 7 billion people, each of whom "drinks" on average over a gallon of water per day. But what about those people who fall below average due to lack of resources? With the population set to reach 9 billion by the year 2050, we all need to consider shrinking our "water footprint" by using fewer water-intensive products in order to help those who need more water merely to survive.

These reasons, among others, are why Duravit supports the United Nations World Water Day. For World Water Day 2011, Duravit sponsored the "Water is Life" poster competition in which more than 5,000 young artists and students from across the world designed posters to show the importance of water to the daily life of the earth. The winners of which were included at the official UN World Water Day program in South Africa and traveled throughout the world as a moving exhibition. This year, Duravit is providing the opportunity to win prints of these internationally recognized works of art.

Enter to win a "Water is Life" poster by correctly answering the following question: Name one WaterSense approved toilet or urinal from Duravit.

Email your response to lucy@novitapr.com with the subject line: Duravit World Water Day by Monday, March 26 at 5 p.m. EST to be eligible to win.

Check out the Duravit website if you need a hint! You can view the 2011 World Water Day posters there, and be sure to visit www.unwater.org/worldwaterday to learn more ways you can support World Water Day.

World Water Day poster competition

One of the posters up for grabs in the Duravit World Water Day giveaway.