TRI-KES Becomes First Company to Earn Certification in New Sustainability Standard

The Sustainable Wallcoverings Standard was developed in collaboration with the Wallcoverings Association, NSF International and third-party experts

CHICAGO – TRI-KES has become the first company to qualify for the American National Standard for Sustainable Wallcoverings, NSF/ANSI 342.

As a distributor and converter of residential and commercial interior wallcoverings and other finishes, TRI-KES focuses on sustainable products as one of its key offerings. The Dallas-based company has incorporated environmental and social responsibility into the fiber of its business starting with its values and mission statement. They work with a number of vendors to develop proprietary products that meet sustainability standards.

“TRI-KES is committed from the ground up to minimizing the impacts of our operations, making the environments of our customers healthier, more sustainable and more responsive to the natural environment,” says Ken Salyer, Jr., president of TRI-KES. “Earning the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainable Wallcoverings qualification is in direct alignment with our mission and demonstrates to our customers that we are their true partners in sustainability.”

The NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard was developed as a collaborative effort of the Wallcoverings Association (WA), NSF International, an independent organization that writes public health standards for food, water, and consumer goods, as well as other third-party industry and sustainability experts. Products that qualify have been shown to be sustainable, from production processes to disposal.

“We are very pleased that TRI-KES is the first company to qualify for the Wallcoverings Sustainability Standard,” says WA Executive Director Christopher Mundschenk. “By earning the highest possible level of the standard, TRI-KES has shown that it is possible to be successful while being environmentally responsible. I encourage all of our members to strive for the Sustainability certification as a strategic business imperative.”

Products certified to the standard are able to use the NSF Sustainability Seal on packaging and marketing materials, signaling that the product stands apart as an environmentally responsible option. For additional information on the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainable Wallcoverings certification program, visit, or contact Jeanette Halliday at (734) 827-3804 or For information on the development of NSF/ANSI 342, visit