Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum Selects Seven Fabrics from KnollTextiles' Dorothy Cosonas for their Permanent Collection

Represents largest and most wide ranging addition to museum's permanent collection in KnollTextiles' history

KnollTextiles is pleased to announce Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum has selected seven fabrics created by or under the direction of Dorothy Cosonas for their permanent collection. The fabrics that have been selected are Tryst, Katazome, Drip, Drop, Sandis, Jaipur and Topography.

Jaipur (2008) in color Rose Hip is from the inaugural collection of Knoll Luxe, designed by Dorothy Cosonas. A highly unusual fabric, Jaipur makes use of hand guided embroidery.

Drip (2011) in color Mercury is a wall covering from the Ink Collection. Using liquid movement as a point of departure, Drip is composed of a series of organic, interconnected letters created by steering wet ink into letter forms.

Drop (2011) in color Apple, part of the Ink Collection by Abbott Miller with the international design firm Pentagram, began with a droplet of ink that was digitally manipulated to create a kind of stripe. 

Katazome (2011) in color Hearth is inspired by the traditional Japanese woodblock effect. 

This is the largest and most wide ranging addition to the museum's permanent collection in KnollTextiles' history. “Seven pieces at one time is a substantial number to be selected,” says Matilda McQuaid, deputy curatorial director and head of textiles at the museum. “But when possible, we like to collect in depth when the designer’s work exhibits the quality of Dorothy’s. The selection of work by Dorothy Cosonas not only follows [our] criteria, but also represents different techniques and sources of inspiration, which are pertinent to our collecting effort.”

Dorothy Cosonas has been the creative director of KnollTextiles since March of 2005.