UPDATE: Florida Senate Votes Down Bill to Deregulate Interior Design Profession

WASHINGTON D.C.—Late in the evening on Friday, May 6, the Florida Senate defeated House Bill 5005, the “Deregulating of Professions and Occupations” bill, by a vote of 32-6.

“We are pleased the Florida Senate took the time necessary to thoughtfully consider the negative implications of eliminating commercial interior design registration,” says Don Davis, ASID director of government and public affairs. “The Senate’s decision to vote down H.B. 5005 is in the best interest of Floridians and the state’s economy.”

The Senate’s decision to vote down H.B. 5005 will allow Florida’s more than 2,800 registered interior designers to continue in their current practice. ASID and IIDA thank our many members, whose tremendous grassroots efforts contributed to this decision.

“Licensing in Florida has created a robust design industry that employs thousands of Floridians and contributes significantly to the economy,” says Allison Levy, IIDA senior director of government and regulatory affairs. “This vote by the Florida Senate ensures interior designers’ continued opportunity to contribute to their fullest capabilities.”

ASID and IIDA strongly support voluntarily licensing that provides expanded practice opportunities for interior designers, allowing qualified designers to work independently in code-based built environments.